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USS Harwood DD-861
a US Navy destroyer

In this web site honoring the ship, her people and Commander Bruce L. Harwood, you will find many pictures of the ship and her crew, sea stories about life and cruises on a destroyer, a profile of Commander Harwood and interesting bits and pieces that never find their way into history books.

Shipmates' Page

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Photo (c) 1998 G. Harwood

Design (c) 1998 USS Harwood shipmates organization

Emblem - USS Harwood DD-861 - Approx. 5" x 2 1/2"
This embossed emblem was furnished courtesy of the
USS Harwood shipmates' organization and is worn on members'caps.

Photo (c) 1951 ? -- [collection of Mort Hyman]

USS Harwood (DD/DDHK/DDE-861)
Photo taken circa 1951? after Hedgehog anti-sub device
replaced the Number two 5" gun mount.


USS Harwood Shipmate Reunions

An organization of former USS Harwood crew members has formed under the name of "USS Harwood Reunion" and they have held several reunions.

The organization has a list of 2,595 shipmates' names, but only 561 addresses and 119 e-mail addresses. They ask former crew members to contact Tony Jandron with their contact information. The complete alphabetical listing of 2,595 shipmates can now be viewed on this web site, linked from the bottom of this page. A chronological version of the roster can be linked from the bottom of the alphabetical list.

FIRST REUNION: The first reunion was held in Osakis & Alexandria, MN in August of 1995. 59 shipmates (including 3 former COs) attended and approximately 90 total were in attendance.

The second reunion was held in Niagara Falls in 1997. 70 shipmates and guests attended.

The third reunion was orignially scheduled for 16-19 September 1999 at Jacksonville, Florida, but it was cancelled by Hurricane Floyd when it forced evacuation of the area. A total of 138 attendees had been expected, including guests. The reunion was rescheduled for September of 2000 in Branson, Missouri. The reunion included an open golf tournament. It was attended by 60 Shipmates and 50 guests. Commanding Officers Captain Robert Neyman (1946-1947) and Captain Robert Marshall (1970-1971 - the last CO of the USS Harwood) attended with their wives Lois and Grace. They told many stories of their time on board.

Thanks to Lloyd Withers (1961-4) and Tony Jandron for historical information about the reunions.

The 2008 Reunion will be held in Washington, DC September 3 to 7. The hotel is adjacent to the Pentagon. It will offer a great selection of events, tours and meals. A reunion package will be sent out in June of 2008. Please be sure that your mail and email information is current.

Shipmate Contact Information

For more information about contacting shipmates,
USS Harwood Reunions, etc., contact:

USS Harwood Reunion
% Tony Jandron


The following shipmates have asked to have their e-mail addresses listed here.
Please note that this list is only a small fraction of the list of 2,305 shipmates
kept by the organization.



Dates aboard DD-861

E-mail address

Bob Beers
1949 - 1951
Jim Burpo
Joe Connelly
Charles F. Courtney
Edward 'Fo'Foley, ET3 OI Div.
Don Garrold, HM2
James (Jim) Daab, FN
Dave Greenfield
Joe Hallisey
Stanley N. Henry, BT2
Charles Hotaling, Jr.
Neil Huffine, BM2
Morton Hyman
Ray Jacobs
Tony Jandron
Peter Johnson
Ed Knox
Larry B. Kunkle, RD2 OI
Dan Lingroth, ET3 OI Div.
Jim Marshall
Eugene C. Mayer
James I. McKendree, EMFN
Robert "Larry" Morgan, BT 2
Joe Mulligan
John M. O'Brien, FT3 G Div.
Joseph (Gus) Pusateri, BT3
Bob Sewell, CS3 Supply
Bob Snyder, HMSN Oc
Don Thuman, STG-3
Joe Vicino
C.B. Wall, IC2
Lloyd Withers

Photo (c) 1964 Richard Leonhardt -- [Courtesy: NavSource.Org/Archives/DD/ - Used with permission.]
USS Harwood (DD/DDHK/DDE-861)
Photo taken July 1964 in Chesapeake Bay from the USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858)



Name and Rate/Rank


Served on
USS Harwood


Abrecht, James, TM3Fox 1955-1958 Unknown
Asloglou, Harry, ETC OI 1966 1996
Bates, Michael P., SM3 OC 1968-1969 3/1/97
Bayreuther, William A., Jr LTJG Operations 1952-1953 5/2/89
Beatty, Max J., ET3 OI 1957 Unknown
Brown, George Purnell, LTJG Gunnery 1954-1955 Unknown
Burns, Thomas J., RD1 CIC 1950 - 1951 April 1999
Cote, Joseph J., CDR C.O. 1962-1963 Unknown
Crossland, William, FN - 1952 Unknown
Deardorf, William V., GM1 - 1950-1952 Unknown
Degnim, Vincent, FN - 1950-1951 2/26/96
De Rocker, Robert OC 1957 1980
Dolan, Jim P. (Dugan), LTJG Cic 1954-1955 Unknown
Dowd, Russell "Dutch" - 1947 7/1/97
Elwell, Ronald O., MM3 M 1966-1970 9/22/93
Enochs, Jack G., LTJG Engineering 1951-1952 2/5/80
Fiala, Reid P., CDR, C.O. [1st USSH C.O.] 1946-1946 7/19/1987
Flood, Louis J., ME2 - 1950-1952 Unknown
Freeman, Leroy, GM3 G - 1/98
Geoffrey, Reginald P., FN - 1954Lost at Sea 7/1/54
Griese, R.P., RDSA - 1952 Unknown
Helton, Lon D. - 1945-1946 Unknown
Holland, Nelson - - November 1998
Jayne, John F., ENS - 1954 10/27/97
Kersten, Donald B., FN - 1953 5/5/96
Kuhasz, C.J., MM3 - 1952 Unknown
Lafitte, Carl W., SN - 1950 7/7/92
Laird, William D., MM3 M 1951 1996
Lammie, Richard, SK3 Supply 1950-195212/5/2000
Lane, Gilbert, BM1 First 1957-1962 12/6/98
Lee, Wade, FN -1953 5/24/2001
Lisi, J., TM3, A/S - 1962 Unknown
Luoma, Walter R., LT Engineer 1955-1957 1/23/77
Macken, J.C. - - 9/2/90
Marone, Jerry (N), FN - 1952 Unknown
Mason, Albert G., LTJG Supply 1954 Unknown
Mcdaniel, B., RD3 Oi 1962 Unknown
Mcdaniels, B(Mac) L., BT1 B 1962-1964 Unknown
McKenna, Tom, LTJG- 1945 1/3/2000
Meadows, John B., YN Oc - 11/24/97
Moul, Cornelius F., CDR C.O. 1963-1964 Unknown
Noe, Richard T., BTC B - 8/28/96
O'Bannon, James - - 1998
Osborn, John R. - - 12/18/59
Perkins, W., MMCS M 1963-1964 1986
Powers, John H., RM3 - 1957 3/13/98
Purvis, Daniel, MM1 M 1963-1964 Unknown
Rittenhouse, Richard C. EMFN Engineering 1950-1951 Unknown
Russell, Ed - - Unknown
Samuelson, Orvis D., BTC B 1949 1982
Schnable, Allan George, CDR C.O. 1949-1951 1/26/85
Sellers, Robert, CDR C.O. 1947-1949 1/4/96
Servidio, Gene, SN - 1952 7/2/95
Slawski, Walter, SN - 1950 Unknown
Smith, Gibson P., LTJG Golf 1962 Unknown
St-Clair, William, SOG1 - 19507/16/1977
Steinkopf, Fred - - Unknown
Stoddard, Wendell V., GM3 Second 1957 3/4/97
Suddeth, Robert, SN First 1957 7/26/98
Thomaschek, Robert M 1955-1958 12/4/92
Trent, Elmer L., SH1 - 1950 Unknown
Tuttle, John E., CDR C.O. 1954-1956 3/1/92
Uehling, Gus, CDR C.O. 1946-1947 Unknown
Veldman, Donald (N) Fox 1957 12/8/95
VonderSchmidt, Robert - 1945 1994
Wallace, James Vernon, BTC B 1950-1958 1/7/97
Warriner, Victor G., LTJG Operations1951-1953 2/14/87
Weathers, K.K., CSC Supply 1952-1953 Died at Sea
Wilberding, Joseph H., LT - 1951 2/6/92
Wunch, Edward R.P., ENS Asw 1950-1952 1981
Wylie, David C., ENS - 1953 7/12/61

Complete list of USS Harwood shipmates:

27 YEAR CREW ROSTER (alphabetical)

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